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   At Gunnerbrae we give the best structure needed to produce the best, and the dog the nurturing, it needs to succeed. We use a Positive Reinforcement Training Method, without the use of E-Collars, or Force. At Gunnerbrae, we customize each of our training programs to meet the specific expectations and goals of our clients. We train with quail, pigeons, live flyers, and cold game.

  Here at Gunnerbrae, we treat your dog like family. We understand that you will not be hunting with your dog 365 days a year and that your dog will need to be well behaved in the home. We train each dog knowing they are your companion and hunting partner. 

  We want to train your dog to be the best dog you want them to be. To have this happen we will go over your goals for your dog, the type of hunting you do (upland, waterfowl, shed hunting), and how long your can leave your dog for training. From there we can develope an individualized training plan that will help your dog reach their full potential.  


Our Gun Dog Program is designed for those that want a dog that is ready to hunt Upland, Waterfowl, or Antler Sheds, and also ready for the home. 

Upland Training

At the completion of the Upland Training, your dog will reliably and consistently:

1. Be completely obedience trained (See above) 2. Steady to Wing/Shot/Fall 3. Retrieve live and wounded game to hand/heel 4. Quarter a nice pattern and range, on the whistle

****Ready for NAVHDA Tests and AKC Pointing Tests

Waterfowl Training

At the completion of the Waterfowl Training, your dog will reliably and consistently:

1. Completely Obedience Trained on and off leash to- Sit/Stay, Place, Kennel, Crate Trained and/or House Trained, Heel on and off leash 2. Steady to the Gun on Single and Double Marks 3. Retrieve from a boat, blind, rough stand, place board 4. Retrieve dead and wounded game 4. Calm in the boat, blind, or Crate/Home

****Ready for AKC/UKC Started Hunt Tests

****Advanced Training offered after the completion of the Started Training


This tune-up program is developed for a gundog that has had previous training, but just needs some freshening up before the upcoming hunting season. This time will be used in reinforcing the commands that your dog already knows, but may be a little rusty on. We want you and your gundog to enjoy the hunt. A tune-up session can usually be completed in a month, and this can help your hunting season be more enjoyable with your hunting companion.  

***$600. a Month ***Waterfowl or Upland...includes live and cold game***


Gunnerbrae Kennels offers formal basic obedience training for all non-aggressive dog breeds.

At the completion of the Obedience Program, your dog will reliably and consistently:

1. Here/Recall on command 2. Sit/Stay on command 3. Place (Go and sit/lay down in a particular palce, such as a dog bed or crate) 4. Crate/Kennel on command 4. Crate Trained and/or House Trained 5. Walk at heel on and off leash

Training Rates and Fees

  • Gun Dog Training: $600 per month includes: training, boarding, food Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance, and live and cold game.
  • Obedience Program: 8 weeks $1000.00
  • After the completion of the Obedience Program, your dog will be able to: **Walk at Heel on and off leash under control **Sit/Stay on Command **Place (to a spot) on Command **Kennel/Crate on Command **Crate Trained **Lay Down on Command.

Before Your Dog Starts Training

  • Dogs are required to have current annual vaccinations.
  • Dogs are required to have current rabies vaccination.
  • Flea/tick preventative at delivery.
  • Clients must complete and sign Gunnerbrae Kennels Training Agreement and have at delivery.
  • First months payment is to be paid at the time of delivery

  We do not keep more than 6-8 dogs in training at one time. This ensures that the dog is getting the amount of time needed each and every day of the week for the best outcome for your gun dog, and not sitting in a kennel all day and only being trained every other day, or by an assistant trainer. We want to have time to get your dog out multiple times during the day, seven days a week. Keeping our number of training dogs at this ensures your dog is getting the most out of a training program.

We also offer training days on Saturdays. This is one on one training, or group training. This offers the hunter a chance to learn techniques for positive training for a tune up or the ones wanting to train their own dogs but just need some guidance in the right direction. Training days are 4 hours for $100.00; groups need to inquire for discounted rates.