The Martin's


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Gunnerbrae Kennels is a small, family owned training and kennel facility. We are located in Glenwood, AR. At Gunnerbrae Kennels, we strive to train dogs that are compliant in their work but are also enjoying every minute of their time during the training process.

Alex and Braxton

Alex and Braxton are also a big help with training. Alex enjoys playing golf and running track, but she also loves working with the dogs. Braxton loves each and every dog that comes to our facility, and he is always sad to see them leave.


Michael has been training

gundogs for the past 15 years. He is either in the field training or hunting 365 days of the year. Michael thrives on training gundogs, whether it be a pointer, flusher, or a retriever. He enjoys seeing the progress that the dog makes throughout the training process.